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An exclusive limited edition diptych, featuring two photographs positioned one above the other – captured by Photojournalist Arthur Steel.

Arthur recalls:

“I had been on a late shift for the Newspaper and clocked off at around 1a.m. in the morning. As I drove home, I took the route down Whitehall. To my astonishment, as I drove past Downing Street there were three policeman rolling a enormous snowball. Needless to say, I quickly pulled my car over and grabbed my camera. I trudged through the snow and managed to get a shot of the three officers rolling the giant ball.

But once it dawned on the officers that I was a press photographer and I had caught them in the act whilst on duty, the atmosphere turned a little frosty. And so, I made a deal with them; I promised that I wouldn’t publish the picture of them forming the snowman if they simply posed next to the finished frozen figure. ‘Visitor at No.10’ was published the following day and it’s only now – over 50 years later that I’m able to reveal the picture of them rolling it – at the end of the day they were simply trying to keep themselves warm and pass some time.”

Published Text (1968): An Unusual Visitor to Downing Street
Downing Street has many persistent visitors who wish to discuss some issue personally with the Prime Minister. When photographer Arthur Steel encountered him in the early hours he was standing his ground firmly in the road. After his promising display of determination, he just melted away as most visitors do.

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Black & White Film Grain:
Arthur’s photographs were all captured on 35mm film, a fast medium grain film called ‘Kodak Tri-x Pan’ with an ISO speed of 400. It enabled photojournalists at the time to shoot in relatively low light conditions. Nowadays, we are used to grainless images even at an iso of 800 and above. The grain effect adds to the character and charm of the images and dates the pieces accordingly. Arthur’s images cannot to be compared to todays grainless digital technology.

Signed prints Vs. Unsigned prints:
Most artists sign their prints at the bottom right corner of the piece. By signing a print, the artist approves it, and, claims it as his or her own work. Signatures count for a lot on the print market since they add to the artwork’s authenticity. The value of a signed print is higher than the value of an unsigned print, so if you have a choice, it’s always better to acquire signed prints.

Limited editions Vs. Open editions:
As a rule limited edition prints are valued more highly and therefore are priced higher than the readily available open edition prints. Also, limited edition prints are collectible, which is not the case for open edition prints. Due to their scarcity, limited edition prints are prized, and collectors and art lovers will seek to create a collection of the same.

Camera: Leica 35mm.
Film stock:
 Kodak Tri-X Pan.
Location: 10, Downing Street, London.
Year: 1968.
Collection: Platinum.
Print Type: Fibre-based Harman Galerie FB Digital.
Printed by: Metro Imaging.
Limited Editions:
All prints are limited editions, no further prints are produced once sold.
W44″ x H61.5″ prints / edition of 10
W34″ x H47.5″ prints / edition of 20
W24″ x H33.5″ prints / edition of 30
W16″ x H22.5″ prints / edition of 30
Bespoke: All prints are bespoke and printed to order.
Presentation: The smallest prints are titled, numbered, signed and carefully enfolded in acid free tissue paper, supplied flat in an acid free 4mm 3-ply box for delivery and storage purposes. The boxes are ideal for gift wrapping. The larger prints are also titled, numbered, signed and carefully enfolded in acid free tissue paper and inserted into a rigid 4mm thick protective cardboard tube for delivery. Or dry-mounted ready for framing:
Optional Dry Mounting for clients within the UK: Professional Dry Mounting of the larger print sizes can be arranged at no extra cost, the print would then be perfectly flat and ready for framing. However, this makes the overall size bulky and too fragile to send overseas. So, if you reside abroad, it is best that we send a rolled print directly to your chosen framer and you entrust them to carry out the works for you. We recommend that you check that your framer is fully insured as we cannot take responsibility for any damages that may occur during the mounting/framing process.
Delivery: Metro Imaging based in Central London use an experienced shipping service to deliver the boxed and rolled prints. Metro take great care in ensuring the print(s) are very well protected and efficiently delivered anywhere in the UK or overseas. Acid free tissue paper protects prints from scratching/creasing. Metro also offer a vast array of delivery options to suit the recipient’s preference.
Certificate of Authenticity: Each print acquired from The Arthur Steel Archive is accompanied by an individually signed Certificate of Authenticity.
Video of Authenticity: Newly printed bespoke prints are further authenticated by way of a short personalised video. Arthur Steel mentions your name on the recording prior to signing. For example, Arthur will say something like: “I’m signing this print of the ‘Visitor at No.10’, edition number 2/20 for Mr. Smith in New York.” For your records, the footage is then sent to you via email.
Watermark: Watermarks will not be present on an original print.
Copyright: © Arthur Steel / The Arthur Steel Archive.