This is an incredibly rare photograph taken by British photographer Arthur Steel of Mick Jagger, lead singer of The Rolling Stones wearing the famous forty licks logo on his t-shirt.

Authentically signed black and white bromide prints available online at www.arthursteel.co.uk

Arthur recalls: “I’m a great believer in luck and one day in London I was walking back to the office on Whitefriars Street, just off Fleet Street. Unexpectedly, Mick Jagger emerged from a doorway onto the pavement right in front of me. I had two cameras around my neck and so I grabbed the opportunity and politely asked if he would stop for a moment to be photographed. He kindly agreed and I literally took two frames of him against a wall, one headshot showing a diamond embedded in one of his teeth and one three quarter length shot showing his white jeans. Incredibly, he was wearing a white T-shirt with the famous Forty Licks logo on it and to this day I’ve never seen another photograph of him wearing that shirt – now that’s what I call lucky”
Location: Whitefriars Street, London
Date: September, 1977



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