Metro Imaging
All of our prints are bespoke and printed by Metro Imaging in Central London. Their master printers produce the finest quality traditional prints originating from our photographic negatives. Over the years they have worked on and serviced some of the most prestigious professional photography archives in the world, from celebrity based images to the classical photographers and works of historic importance.  From Cecil Beaton to Norman Parkinson; Getty to David Bailey and to this day Terry O’Neill, David Steen and Arthur Steel, the list is expansive. Clients have trusted them with their precious film for over thirty years. The Photographic paper that they print on is HARMAN GALERIE FB DIGITAL which is a real Baryta/Fibre based silver gelatin photographic paper based upon traditional B&W silver halide technology. It has panchromatic sensitivity optimised for tricolour laser enlargers such as Durst Lambda. GALERIE FB DIGITAL has excellent D-Max, sharpness and surface finish that will give superb continuous tone on black and white images.

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