About Arthur – A Brief Chronology

1936 Born on 6th December in Newcastle upon Tyne
1945 Spent one year in an Orphanage due to his Mother contracting T.B.
1949-51 Spent two years training to be a Priest at Urshaw College, Durham
1953 Became a trainee photographer at the Evening Chronicle & The Newcastle Journal
1956-58 Called up for two years National Service working as a Photographer alongside Terence Donovan
1963 Moved to the ‘Daily Herald’ Newspaper in Manchester
1965 Moved to London on ‘The Sun’ Newspaper in Covent Garden and got married the same year to Irene
1966 Won 2nd Place in the British Press Photographer of the Year Competition
1969 Moved from IPC to Rupert Murdoch’s News International
1970 Won Granada Television’s Picture of the Year with his photograph titled: ‘Wilson’s in Defeat’
1971 Covered the Bangladesh Liberation War
1973 Covered Princess Anne’s Wedding in Buckingham Palace working alongside Norman Parkinson
1974 Covered the Ethiopian Famine
1975 Invited to Photograph Margaret Thatcher within her own home
1981 Photographed Ronnie Biggs in Rio de Janeiro as well as capturing his most famous picture of all time ‘The Kiss’ between Prince Charles & Princess Diana
1983 Won Kodak’s Picture of the Year with his photograph titled ‘Holy Terror’
1985 Covered Ronnie Kray’s Wedding in Broadmoor Hospital
1986 Moved offices from Fleet Street to Wapping
1989 Admitted into ‘The Priory’ with severe depression
1990 Officially retired
2017 Fully recovered, now 81 years old and enjoying retirement


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